Maya Lennon

NSF GRFP Recipient

Children's Media Researcher

PhD Candidate

Owner of the Cutest Poodle

Admirer of All Things Pink

Lover of Food

Exciting Announcements

June 2021: Beginning Role as the Graduate Research Intern for Mattel's Fisher-Price Play Lab

February 2021: Selected as the Inaugural PBS KIDS Research Fellow


Hi everyone! My name is Maya Lennon and I am a PhD Candidate in the Media, Technology and Society program at Northwestern University. My research is supported by the National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship. I am advised by Dr. Ellen Wartella in the Center on Media and Human Development. My coursework at Northwestern consisted of courses from the fields of communication, psychology, education and learning sciences.

I study children's learning from and interactions with a wide range of media (apps, television, toys, eBooks, etc.). I am particularly interested in young children's co-use of media with their parents and peers. I am also intrigued by the use of educational media to teach STEM concepts.

Prior to Northwestern, I worked in the Causality and Mind Lab at Brown University. It was there that my passion for discovering how children learn in informal settings began to grow. I hold a Bachelor of Science in Cognitive Science from Brown University and a Master of Arts in Media, Technology and Society from Northwestern.